Places of Interest

Kabar Jheel

The Kabar lake is one of the most relevant natural resources of this area. The multiple tangible and non tangible benefits that the lake offers to this are are countless. It is interwoven in the lives of the people of this region offering different services to different users and different communities. The lake acts as a fishing ground for the fishermen (mallaah) community of the area. Both organised and non organised fishing is carried out in the lake with the non organised having a larger share.

Jai Mangla Garh

Ancient Temple belonging to Pala dynasty period, sacred place of surrounding villages, archeological findings suggest was fortified place surrounded by moat -Raman.


Barauni Refinery was built in collaboration with Russia and Romania. Situated 125 kilometeres from Patna, it was built with an initial cost of Rs 49.40 crore. Barauni Refinery was commissioned in 1964.