Title Date Description Address Download/Link
Election Office – Office Information Form-I and Employee Information Form- II 31/05/2019 Download(2 MB)
Certificate (DDO) for submission of Asset Submission Details. 30/12/2018 Download(18 KB)
Certificate (DDO) for submission of Employee Details. 31/12/2018 Download(17 KB)
Employee Details format PSU/Colleges Employees 31/12/2018 Download(28 KB)
Employee Details format for Treasury Employees 31/12/2018 Download(19 KB)
Asset/Property Returns format 12/03/2018 Download(49 KB)
Executive Assistant – Agreement application form for Executive Assistant 30/12/2018 Download(80 KB)
Asset/Property Returns format – Instruction for filling employee details. 31/12/2018 Download(67 KB)